"The Secret of change is to focus all of your struggles not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates 

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"We will we meet the threat of challenging climate, the challenging climate we're all feeling already ravaging every part of our world with extreme weather, or, we will suffer the merciless march of ever worsening droughts and floods, more intense fires and hurricanes, longer heat waves, and rising seas?".   

"The US will look to lead on climate, to become the world's leading provider of climate finance to help developing nations tackle the climate crisis, to support those that will be hit hardest and have the fewest resources to help them adapt, we urge every developing nation to bring their highest possible ambitions to the table." "To deliver for our own people, we must also engage deeply with the rest of the world." "America is back." Joe Biden - President of the United States

"The alarm bells are deafening, the IPCC evidence is irrefutable: greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk". A code red for humanity. We have a choice, collective action or collective global suicide...it is in our hands." (IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change"). UN Secretary - General Antonio Guterres 

"I want the things that I've enjoyed- the outdoor life, nature, environment- I want that to be there for my children, and not just my children but everyone else's children". Society needs the world's greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, and not focused on trying to find the next place to go and live, lets stop climate change before looking for a new planet to live on".
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge 

Regarding the shortfall in financing emerging economies for the world to achieve carbon neutrality, "right now the emerging world is getting about $150 billion a year, so we're on a pathway of failing". "Climate change is a business opportunity, because addressing it will require that virtually every segment of industry will have to be reinvented".
Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock Inc 

"AFAC (African Financial Alliance on Climate Change) will complement and leverage global and regional climate change initiatives being launched by the Group of Twenty (G20) countries and other stakeholders for their respective countries/regions. This harmonisation of actions will ensure seamless alignment across governance structures and frameworks, policies, standards, procedures and instruments". Africa's financial actors need to work together creatively to mobilise global financial resources at scale that can support local innovation, and that drives climate-resilient and low-carbon development on the continent. Having been short-changed by climate change, Africa must not be short-changed by climate finance".
Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank Group 

"It will be our children and grandchildren who have to live with the consequences of what we do or refrain from doing today"'. "It's not five-minutes to midnight. It's five-minutes after midnight".
Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany 

"I passionately believe that we can do it by making commitments in four areas - coal, cars, cash, and trees".
Boris Johnson, Former Prime Minister, of the United Kingdom  

"Change before you have to".
Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric 


The Planet We Love

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" - Winston Churchill.

Our Mission
Agricultural Renewable Energy Partners (AREP) purpose is to:
A. Install and manage Ethanol E100 production facilities in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These countries will comprise Phase-1 of the overall project. Other Sub-Saharan African countries, will follow in Phase-2, 3. Corn, sorghum, sugarcane will be the recommended feedstock.
B. Design, create, and promote the manufacture of a "Peoples Car". A Peoples Car able to operate efficiently and environmentally friendly on E100 Ethanol, on both primary/Africa and secondary/export markets

Our Vision
In establishing Ethanol production facilities throughout Africa, via the adoption of various blends of Ethanol E100, the overall project will contribute to significantly reducing Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius in accordance with the Paris Climate Accords by increasing the volume of renewable-agriculturally homegrown sourced Ethanol, and, reduce the consumer pump price of vehicle fuel.

Virtually every gallon of U.S. gasoline today contains at least 10% of Ethanol. Higher percentages of Ethanol are becoming more common, resulting in reducing the price of consumer gasoline, and, simultaneously Ethanol is one of the most effective tools for substantially reducing (up to 46-52%) GHG emissions in comparison to traditional vehicle gasoline.

Agricultural Renewable Energy Partners vision is to justify and promote Ethanol E100 simultaneously with the manufacture of a "Peoples Car" throughout Africa (primary market) and for export to global markets (secondary markets). Nota Bene: EV (Electric Vehicles) are a non-starter in Africa for decades to come: Over 60 percent of Sub-Sahara Africans still lack access to electricity of of 2020 (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Agency (Boosting the Power Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa) & Two out of three people in Sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity (the Obama Administration, Power Africa Initiative & USAID/United States Agency for International Development, Power Africa 2020 Annual Report), & Over 640 million Africans have no access to electricity, corresponding to a electricity access rate for African countries of just over 40%, the lowest in the world, average per-capita consumption of energy in Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding SA) is 180 kWh, compared to 13,000 kWh per-capita in the US (The African Development Bank (Light-Up and Power Africa Initiative, 2019).

The government of South Africa is currently in negotiations under its "Emergency Power Procurement Process" for the supply of electricity through floating ocean barges under a 20-year contract with Turkey's Karpowership generator at a cost of R218bn ($13.6bn) 

If we do not maintain our earth, our earth will not maintain us". Anonymous

Our Objectives

  • To encourage a just, equitable, and viable transitioning away from fossil fuel use: A landmark, first-of-its-kind $8.5 billion financing facility was awarded at the November 2021 COP26 climate talks to South Africa by the U.S., the UK, France, Germany and the European Union. The financial facility is to help South Africa reduce its use of coal in its power plants (and thereby reduce polluting emissions; SA is the world's 13th largest source of Green House Gases), the power plants generate more than 90% of SA's electricity. 
  • Included in the financing package, labeled the "Just Energy Transition Framework and Partnership", requiring a monumental expansion of renewable energy, are funds to finance feasibility studies on projects to assist in transitioning workers away from coal-dependent/mining communities whose lives are threatened by the change towards various clean energy projects. The "Just Energy Transition Framework and Partnership" investment draft is scheduled for completion and submitted to the financing facility group by November 2022. Alok Sharma, president of the COP26 climate talks said other nations, the private sector, and philanthropic organizations want to join the $8.5 financing package (Bloomberg News, June 2, 2022). The $8.5 billion commitment could unlock billions more in local and foreign private investor capital (Rand Merchant Bank CEO James Formby, Moneyweb, November 10, 2021). "We must get this Transition right for the sake of our people, our future economic competitiveness and the global climate change effort (President Cyril Ramaphosa, July 12, 2022). Daniel Mminele, a former deputy Reserve Bank Governor and head of the facilities discussions said, "We are acutely aware that the eyes of the world are on us, the facility could be used as model for other countries".
  • To create massive employment and managerial opportunities in both the manufacture and agricultural sectors: Manufacture= the base manufacture of the Peoples Car & its various components and Agriculture/Agro-processing= the widescale production of Ethanol feedstock (corn, sorghum, sugarcane) and processing into finished-product Ethanol fuel.
  • As a performance-enhancement incentive, stock-options and a set-aside percentage of annual net profits from overall operations will be distributed to workers across the entire value chain of AREP.
  • Until domestic African agriculture is up to scale, to fill the gap to ensure adequate feedstocks (corn, sorghum, sugarcane) and finished product Ethanol is available imports will be needed. 
  • To arrange financing and technical expertise to conduct a feasibility study: turn-key equipment & operational costing for both Peoples Car manufacturing and feedstock agricultural costing, feedstock costing, cost/profitability / GHG emissions reductions/job creation/ comparisons between Ethanol and traditional gasoline, recommended host-government investment incentives / subsidies / tax-free holidays / low-interest loans, SAF, electricity cogeneration, estimated timeline to start of operations, other key operational issues.
  • For the manufacture of the Peoples Car and its sales to consumers, the necessary dealerships and spare- parts and accessories, and for the production of the agricultural feedstock, the processing of the latter into Ethanol, distribution, and retail sales to consumers, a objective of AREP will be at each level they be majority employed, managed, and/or owned by Women. Nota Bene: Regarding the production of agricultural feedstock: in a National corn production program in the Ivory Coast, Woman farmers in comparison to their male counterparts produced 2-4 times higher yields-per-hectare and higher net-profits / returns-per-hectare, with and without mechanization.
  • To justify and enhance the Peoples Car manufacture/Ethanol E100 cost-competitiveness. To enhance Ethanol's cost-competitiveness and superior level of reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions vis-à-vis traditional imported gasoline, a key objective will be to recommend expenditures for R & D (research & development) involving a multitude of institutions: National automotive manufactures, public & private & educational to encourage the Peoples Car/Ethanol E100 to become overwhelmingly "user friendly" and the dominant National vehicle amongst consumers in both the primary/Africa and secondary/export markets.
  • A word on the "Peoples Car" *. The Peoples Car and the higher volume of Ethanol are intrinsically, inherently linked. AREP will work with manufacturers, researchers, developers on creating a viable Peoples Car adaptable to local climactic/temperate conditions, with the ability to maximize fuel economy & MPG/miles-per-gallon of fuel, include necessary and applicable engine modifications, able to run on 100% renewable environmentally friendly fuel. Concomitantly reducing substantially Green House Gas emissions and reducing the pump price of consumer vehicle fuel. Further, create substantial employment job opportunities in both manufacture and agriculture. * "I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be so low in price that any man making a good salary will be able to own one, and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure in God's great open spaces"...the Model T. Henry Ford, industrialist and business magnate, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

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Gerald is the former Regional Director,  Sub-Saharan Africa, (Ret.) U.S. Wheat Associates (USW). USW is a cooperator market development organisation under the U.S. Department of Agriculture.